What to Expect with Entry Level Jobs in Sales - Careers Articles

sales-jobsSales representatives are always in need and can find exciting opportunities in any industry. The sales team is an important piece of every company, and an entry-level sales position is a great way to kick off a career in your desired industry.

The goal of each sales team differs, but if you are looking for an entry level sales job, you can expect to find:

1. Extensive training

Sales jobs always offer extensive training programs, varying from hands-on experience to informative seminars. Within a few weeks you will know the job inside and out -- an advantage that most entry-level jobs often lack. Plus, entry-level sales jobs often look for people with a hard work ethic, since they know they will provide any training you may need to succeed.

2. Decent salary

When you work in sales, you get just as much as you put into it. A typical entry-level sales job salary is beefed up thanks to bonuses and commission, so you will likely walk away with a bit more cash than other entry-level jobs would offer.

3. Tough schedule

An entry-level sales job rarely comes with a 9-to-5 schedule. With monthly goals to meet and the pressure of commission, expect to work long hours in order to reap the end rewards. There will, however, always be certain times where things will slow down to balance out the days you're working late to meet a goal.

4. Set goals

The great thing about working on a sales team is constantly setting new goals and working to reach them together. Many professionals feel they sometimes hit a dead end at their jobs, but a sales job means seeing results immediately.

5. Team work

Two minds are better than one, which is why sales jobs require you to work with others. Even if you have individual sales goals to meet, sales jobs are structured around the idea of team work. The constant support and open communication will keep you motivated throughout the day.

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