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business-growthAccording to strategic business futurists Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia, publishers of the Herman Trend Alert, health, education, Internet, technology, and green jobs are on the rise. And even if your expertise is not in one of these areas, employers will need professionals with peripheral skills to support the growth in these areas. Here's where the jobs will be.

1. Health Information Technology

This field is expected to grow significantly due to the combination of aging Baby Boomers and the shift to digital medical records. By 2018, jobs in this field are predicted to grow by 20 percent, or 35,100 new positions. According to a report from the University of California, San Diego, this growth will increase the demand for engineers, analysts, consultants, and support specialists.

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2. Geriatric Health Care

With 34 million people over the age of 65, this industry is expected to grow; in-demand jobs will include home health aides, personal trainers specializing in working with seniors, facilities managers, and health-care-plan developers.

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3. Health Law

As the health-care system continues to grow, peripheral careers in health-care administration, program and policy development, public health, and pharmaceutical industry positions will also surge.

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4. Occupational Health and Safety

As legislation to protect workers increases, there will be a demand for occupational health and safety specialists to analyze work environments and prevent injury, especially in industries involving chemical, physical, or biological agents.

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5. Engineering

Candidates with a bachelor's degree and experience with computer systems will continue to be in demand. Engineers will be needed to bridge the gap between software and hardware design and work specifically on microchip processors.

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6. Web-Related Positions

As the World Wide Web expands, people will be needed to write content and understand HTML, search engine optimization, and social media. The mobile web is also growing, and this will create a need for people to design and develop content for mobile platforms. Graphic designers, videographers, game/application developers, and software engineers are predicted to be in demand.

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7. Adult Education

There are more than 350 million Spanish speakers worldwide, including 31 million in the United States, where Hispanics are the largest minority group. College graduates who have studied Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) will find teaching positions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America as well as intensive teaching programs in the United States. There will also be a growing need for translators and interpreters. Teaching positions at colleges, universities and technical schools are also expected to expand as the adult education market grows.

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8. Green Careers

There will be a growing need for employees who can support sustainable business practices. Every sector will be affected as employers look for ways to be more environmentally responsible. Accountants will be needed to help businesses measure the financial impact of environmental problems and their solutions. Green engineers will be needed for the sustainable energy and automotive industries. Marine toxicologists, conservation scientists, marine ecologists, fisheries scientists, and policy makers for the ocean will be in demand as a result of the oil spill leading to increasing concerns about marine biodiversity and conservation.

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