6 Settings for your New Phone

1. Security
2. Lock your phone down.
3. Photos? Do you want to keep them all
4. Turn off tracking
5. Setup some shortcuts I use @@ for my email
6. Make sure you can restore and find your phone.

Use Google for Jobs Service

Use the Google for Jobs for Service web site to search for your next job.

via lifehacker. "The job-hunting service is integrated into Google’s search engine, so you can look for gigs in the same seamless way you search for celebrities’ ages, or for terminal diseases based on your symptoms (it’s just a cold). It also attempts to fill in the blanks on a glaring omission in nearly 85% of all job postings,according to Google: an actual salary."

Bad Resumes have these 4 things in common

1. Not enough numbers
Numbers are easy for humans to digest and absorb their meaning. So add 20% more numbers to your resume.

2. Bad formatting or too long
Use a template and shorten it up. No one cares about 15 years ago when you delivered pizza's for a month in the summer. What have you done for me lately?

3. Your relevant skills are too hard to find.
If you are applying for a temp accounting job... highlight your accounting experience. See above about filling your resume full of pizza jobs.

4. Your resume is suspicionsly vague or boring.
It only takes one sentence to state that you graduated from college. not a paragraph. and most likely, your college experience does not have relevance to the application.

Brag on Your Resume (it is ok)

Unless you have someone referring you to a potential employer, you will need to toot your own horn. Here are some way to make it easier to read.

1. Numbers are useful, so include some. In fact the lack of any numbers is a major red flag.  35% of the people who read this will add a number to their resume.

2. Use a template for your resume. No need to flounder around by yourself, when you can google a template. Include some details that are flattering to you

3. Use key words (hopefully the same key words as in the job you are applying. Resumes are reviewed and scanned by computer programs, prior to getting to a hiring manager.

4. Include shortened executive type summary of skills and benefits of hiring you. This will be read by the hiring manager. Remember you only have 30-45 seconds to make an impact.

Surviving Group Interviews

Group Interviews are challenging ... ok they suck.

The reason is that you are being scrutinized by multiple people at the same time.


1. Be Yourself
2. Always answer honestly, which really means admit when you don't know something.
3. Engage everyone
4. Smile and relax

Either you get an offer, or you get experience.