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Marketing has changed – permanently. The old, traditional marketing and PR methods still work, thought not entirely on their own. Enter Social Media. At first it seemed there was a stronger emphasis on ‘social’ instead of ‘media.’ But what we’ve come to learn is this – Social Media is a critical element in any company’s PR and marketing efforts. That it’s social tells us about the importance of the relationship in the business building process.

What has changed is the interaction between the sales organization and the potential clients. Today that interaction is more personal, more ‘social.’ The addition of Social Media in the marketing process has truly emphasized this change.

So what does it all mean?

Consider how you go about developing a marketing campaign. You craft your message, identify your target audience, and then determine how to get in front of them based on where they are. The same holds true when you include Social Media in the plan. Who is your target audience and where do they interact online? What are the methods that make sense for getting in front of them?

Having a LinkedIn profile is like having a resume; a Facebook Fan Page is like a brochure. If you own a retail location or restaurant you can offer discounts via Twitter, Facebook, or the various coupon sites that are available. You can do this in concert with your traditional coupon circular that goes to people’s mailbox or newspaper. This is a great example of how traditional and modern marketing work together. Your reach is as broad as it can be this way.

The great thing about using Social Media in this way is that it’s immediate. You don’t have to plan ahead of the print run. You can decide on the fly to offer a discount. You can engage with your customer base and get them involved in the discount process. You pull your audience in and now you are interacting with them in real time.

Here’s an example: you own a restaurant. You advertise the following via Twitter, “If you are in our place, tweet it and show the tweet to your server to get a free dessert.” Now you are dealing in real time with your client base and also giving people a reason to eat at your establishment.

You can also receive immediate feedback, recommendations, and referrals. Social Media offers you the opportunity to heighten your marketing and Public Relations on a consistent basis.

The same applies to other industries as well. When you want to reach your target market Social Media offers you an additional avenue. Interested in finding contacts within your target market? Research via LinkedIn. You can also begin to build relationships with potential clients on LinkedIn and Facebook. Trying to build your following? Put a button on your website for people to friend you, follow you, and link in with you.

Join the new marketing environment. If you don’t you will find yourself struggling against those companies that have embraced Social Media. It is a tool every business should add to their marketing and PR toolbox.

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