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Now a day, resumes aren’t first viewed by the secretary of the hiring manager or the HR rep. In all actuality, they may not even be viewed by a person at all. Many businesses today are now using different forms of technology to screen the hundreds and thousands of resumes they receive daily. What they intend to achieve with this procedure is to shuffle out any candidates who do not meet the requirements that the company or job requires. Here’s the choker; you may be fully qualified for the position you sent your resume in for. But because you didn’t have keywords on your resume that the computer program recognizes, you lose out on any possibility for an interview.

Below you will find 7 tips that we feel could aid you in getting the recognition your resume deserves.

1. Know what key words to use. HR reps and hiring managers will utilize applicant-tracking systems/programs where certain keywords will be searched for. It’s best to look at the job posting itself, and try to use the same or similar language you see there. Use words that are most prevalent to the job, but keep you shining like a competent professional.

2. Use different styles of a key word. Some tracking programs focus on particular words and how often they are used- in every sense. So if you’re applying for an accounting position, try using accounting, accountant, and other variations of the word.

3. Be wise with your key words. Some electronic resumes allow for particular sections to hold key words. Yes- it will get you resume recognized more quickly than others. However, if and when an actual person reads it, they may toss it in the slush pile because it doesn’t read well.

4. Ensure you list a generic job title. By doing this, it allows for the tracking programs to fit the title to the job. By listing business analyst instead of process improvement specialist, the program will be more familiar with the generic listing than the actual one

5. Use at least nine key words. Any less than that and you may find your resume passed over. Any more than that and you’re going over board. It’s good to list your skills this way, and can paint you in a competent picture a reader can value.

6. Be sure you use the right format if asked to paste your resume in a website text box. By saving you resume as a plain-text file, it ensures proper formatting takes place when pasting, and makes your resume readable and professional.

7. Obvious, but needed… follow directions. Check over the site your submitting your resume to and be sure you follow all their criteria.

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