Career Tip #1 – Come to Your Interview With a Plan – Plans Win Jobs 

Peggy McKee gives a webinar call the 30-60-90 day sales plan. However, this presentation can be adapted to almost any job and few steps will impress an interviewer more than the interviewee with a plan. Additionally, a plan allows you to prevent an interview from wandering around aimlessly and resulting in no useful outcome. Come with a plan to your next interview.

Peggy’s 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan is so good that one job seeker wrote that not only did he win a job, but instead of getting the store manager position he was seeking he was given oversight of the entire home products chain and a 6 figure job that greatly exceeded his past positions and the job he had been interviewing to win.

Anyone can do it. If you are interviewing at a restaurant for a waitressing position come up with a plan that describes how you will become more familiar with the menu, the bar, the kitchen to begin with. Next, develop a plan for identifying and studying how the very best waiters and waitresses provide better service. Finally, create a plan to implement what you’ve learned as the most effective waitress the restaurant has ever had.

Or, if you are going to be a summer life guard, describe a plan to get to know the features and requirements of operating the pool. Next, come up with steps to get to know the most regular visitors and what the most common pool user issues are. Finally, create a third step to your plan to become the most efficient and effective guard on staff. You will position yourself as a great hire and may end up the the managing life guard.

Or, are you interviewing for an engineering position? Find out what the company’s major products are. Identify the main customers. Define to your interviewer a plan that begins with learning the processes, procedures, and requirements of the business. Next, outline how you intend to get to know the customer base. Finally, develop a plan to begin to impact the bottom line by improving proposals, services, and solutions from the first two steps of your plan.

If this seems broad and lacks the clarity you need. Don’t give up on this approach take steps to find ways to improve your ability to create a plan for prospective employers. Hey! You may even be able to use this approach to win a raise by laying out the plan with your current boss!

While life is a journey, many of us wander through without ever defining a plan for ourselves. With this approach, we shouldn’t be surprised when we achieve less than we had expected. Get your act together. Go to your next job interview with a plan.

Blake Ratcliff has more than 25 years professional experience. He’s been part of the management team for 9 startups. He’s founded businesses and he’s served in fortune 500 companies. Blake’s been a corporate recruiter. He’s been on the wrong side of business failures and on the right side of big successes. Take advantage of his experience as recommends career building and wealth building choices.

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