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Here is the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

Get Found. What a cool concept. In grammar school (is it still called that?) we were expected to complete every task, assignment and test alone. In the real world we work in teams. Don’t be a loner, get a team, get help and Get found!

Here are this weeks Top 5

1. Job Search – Hide and Seek – [Career Brander]

Hide and seek, a classic children’s game. The premise is simple. One child is “the seeker” and all the rest are asked to hide. The last one hiding is the winner. Job Search is just the opposite. You want to be the first one “caught”. Thus, you need to be the most obvious place “the seeker” will find you. Put another way, you need to visible in the most likely place “the seeker” will be looking.

2. I Got A Contact Name… How Do I Reach Them – [The Wise Job Search]

It’s great if you are given a phone number and/or email address with a name, however, with a little creativity and initiative you can certainly find other ways to get in touch.

3. ResumeTracker Organizes Multiple Resumes for Job Searches – [LifeHacker]

You probably don’t send the same exact resume for every single job opening, and keeping track of what you sent can be a confusing pain. ResumeTracker does a smart job of organizing and labeling your multi-versioned resumes for later reference.

4. Online Reputation Management Now a Full Time Job – []

Managing what’s being said about them online has become “a defining feature of online life” for many Internet users, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, “especially the young.” The center surveyed 2,253 users over the age of 18 about their attitudes and behavior online, and found that younger users in particular are more likely to both search for information about themselves and modify what they share with others, and also tend to be less trusting of social networks and other sharing sites.

5. The Elevator Pitch You Are Not Ready To Deliver – [Tims Strategy]

Well, the reality is that 99% of us haven’t practiced this speech. And it is unlike the one we practice in the mirror where we are sharing our background with a room of fellow networkers. But I will say the correct approach here is like the one on one conversations we have at networking events. The ones where we ask a few good questions, share a few key strengths and make sure that at least one memorable aspect of our lives is shared.

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