Minimal Initial thoughts…

Last week I bought an iPad. A 32Gb Wifi only model.
I bought a Wifi only model because a) I usually am around places with wireless, b) I have an iPhone and it’s enough for when I need something if I am in the middle of the street and c) I don’t want to pay AT&T more money for a service that will be spotty at best. 32Gb is enough for me right now, so I put the extra $100 that would’ve cost to get the bigger model onto buying a case (an Incase neoprene case similar to the one I have for the Macbook) and an extra charger. It was worth it.

Last night my wife commented on the fact that I haven’t touched the laptop in a week.

True. I’ve been using the iPad for everything except run Xcode. I haven’t noticed anything missing so far. It’s just fantastic.

I will post a more detailed review of it, but for now I needed to say what I already knew:

Devices like the iPad are the future for every-day devices. OS’s like the iPhone OS are the future for every-day devices.

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