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Looking for your next career move internally within your current organization can be a great option because it’s an environment that you are already familiar with and in which you already have a foot in the door. How to find a new job in your old company - is a great question but it is also a great opportunity. The people around you and who you have worked with will know about the good work that you can do and will be able to support you as you move up or across the organization.

There are many ways that you can go about looking for opportunities internally but the key aspect to keep in mind and do is to be curious.  That’s being curious about the organization and people in it. Find out and try to understand what your company is trying to do. Where is it heading? What markets is it growing into or trying to reach? What’s the overall strategy? What services are being developed or launched? See where it’s going and how you can fit into that. This is all very important information to help you figure out how you can match the organizational values with your own. i.e. how can you help your company achieve it’s goals. Where can you best slot into this and hence where are the opportunities?

Once you know what the company is doing and get a feel for what’s going on around you – identify key people who you want to approach and talk to.  Read what gets published, go to presentations that the company puts on and look around on the intranet. Always keep in mind that you are trying to find a new job - so keep your eyes and ears open. Ask around. Talk to HR, the tech people around you, your manager or key leaders within the company.  If you remain curious you will start hearing about people who are doing interesting things. Read the press, attend internal networking events, listen out for who’s getting promoted around you and what new services or products are being developed.

Find the contact details of people who sound interesting and arrange to meet them. Ask if you can have a coffee with them and if they would be happy to tell you a bit more about what they are doing. Don’t go straight in their asking for any roles or openings going on. First, find out about what they are up to. What is their project? What are their goals? Where is it going? How fast is it moving? Try to learn about their area and see if it’s something that is of interest to you. By understanding what they do you will see if there is a place for you.  If it sounds worth pursuing, ask to meet again to explore how you can help each other. This will be the time to then open up conversations around how you could help them and how they can help you i.e. roles and openings, skills missing or that you can add. This is how you find a new job in your old company.

Author: Nisa Chitakasem and Simon North

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