Network With Past Clients And Vendors

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Network With Past Clients And Vendors
Carl H., a reader of my columns from Winnipeg, Manitoba shares his success story here.

“I just accepted a new position which I obtained with the assistance of the resumes, cover letters and advice gained from your ebook. I am happy to say that at the age of 46, I was only actually out of work for 11 days. (Carl is talking about my resume how-to guide, available at this Web page: )

How did he do it? Actually, he lucked out!

“The position I landed was advertised in the Career Section of the local newspaper. It turned out to be a supplier to my previous employer, one that I had had some dealings with in the past. There was good synergy between their needs and my experience and background. I was able to convince them through letters and the resume that I developed following that they would realize an immediate impact on their bottom line if they were to hire me for the position,” says Carl.

Action Step: If you search for a job in the want ads of your local paper, you are competing with hundreds -- sometimes thousands -- of other applicants. Luckily, Carl’s resume was good enough to get him an interview this way.

But Carl would have had no competition at all if he had first networked with that supplier (and every other vendor!) from his past employer before ever turning to the newspaper.

The choice is simple.

You can compete with the herd of other job seekers for a very limited number of positions advertised in the newspaper. Or you can leverage the good relations you’ve built over the years and network with past vendors and clients for job leads … with no competition, since they already know you and trust you.

Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin