CeeVee opens up to offer a mega-simple CV page builder

Original Post: CeeVee opens up to offer a mega-simple CV page builder

Coming along to give VisualCV and JobSpice a run for its money is new online CV builder CeeVee. It’s now opened up after being in private beta and aside from the cute sounding name, it’s aim is simple – to be the simplest CV builder out there.

But what is the point of CV sites like this when we have LinkedIn? Well, not everyone is into LinkedIn’s sparse, rather corporate presentation and so CeeVee – as it’s competors do – aims at the wide consumer marketplace with a simpler interface. Apparently Human Resources people aren’t keen on busy CVs (or maybe can’t cope with them?), hence this design approach.

In addition LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to export or share your resume in a widgety, social way (as yet). The aim, as founder Lee Wilkins tells me, is to work with HR departments and companies to make a more standardized format.

It’s certainly simpler and better looking than some of the CV designs on VisualCV, or maybe that’s just me.

The site also has a cool vanity URL feature. Thus if your name is Mike you can nab CeeVee.com/mike, although this may rather limit the site’s appeal to other Mike’s on the planet.

Plans for the future include company profiles, a jobs board and search amongst other things. The site features FaceBook Connect, and Share twitter buttons, with more coming.

Started by Romania-based Wilkins as a pet project in Sept 2008 the bootstrapped venture is looking to expand into localised version for key markets in Europe like Spain, Russia and Italy and further abroad such as India and also into Asia.