Social Media And Job Hunting: Friend Or Foe?

Social Media And Job Hunting: Friend Or Foe?

A new study by Harris Interactive shows that 45% of US human resources pros occasionally use social networks to research job candidates:

HR Uses Social Networks

This must be a good thing, right? Your prospective employer can find out just how sharp of a candidate they’re getting, based upon your digital footprint.

Not so much. According to the study:

The findings were more likely to get candidates rejected than hired: 35% of HR professionals said social networking content had caused them to eliminate a candidate, while only 18% reported deciding to employ someone based on a profile.

The top reasons for rejection were, unsurprisingly, “provocative or inappropriate photographs or information” (53%) and information about drinking or using drugs (44%). But job candidates were also hurt by negative postings about their previous employers, poor communication skills, discriminatory remarks and other faux pas.

Reasons why HR Pros Rejected Job Applicants After Viewing Their Social Network Profiles

The findings underscore just how important reputation management has become in the digital era. While the question of whether a prospective employer should base its decision to hire you based upon your social media footprint remains a hotly-disputed one, it is likely that HR professionals will become more adept in their use of these tools over time, not less. Users of social networks should take basic precautions to ensure that any content which may be deemed embarrassing should either be removed from online networks, or at least safeguarded behind privacy filters.

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