3 Tips to Deal With Recruiting Emergencies


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Does if feel like is every email or phone call from a recruiter an emergency?  Is every request from a client an emergency? Do they need to submit a candidate by the end of tomorrow? Has the client given them the overall timeline to submit a candidate 2 days?

Here are 3 things that you can do to prepare for dealing with this situation...

1. Already have your resume completed, along with your standard email response to these emergencies.

2. Have a set time and place that you can take a phone call from a recruiter and a time and place for a phone interview.

3. Have your interview outfit already cleaned and pressed so that you can accept an interview the next day.

Sometimes there is a quick turn around in the recrtuiting / staffing world, so be ready.

The recruiting business has suffered a decline in personel in the recent years, accentuated by a belief that outsourcing is the same quality as local recruiters. Be prepared to help them help you.

By the way, just because it was an emergency for them to submit you, don't expect a call back to let you know how it went. You will only get a return call if there is a next step.

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