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Rather than reaching for the word processing to create your resume, your first step is to pull together a full plan or strategy on your job search. Your plan needs to include these parts:

1) Get clear on 2-3 jobs/titles you are pursuing.
2) Define your criteria for a place to work that includes those jobs
3) Do research to find those companies (that meet the criteria you just developed) and if you need a refresher on the hiring criteria, go update yourself.
4) Figure out a schedule you will do your job search (and stick with it)
5) Identify 2 different search methods you will use

6) Refresh your network and then
7) Create your resume.

The work you do in the steps preceding working on your resume will help immensely. Too many people think the only step to a job search is the resume but it is really the "thought time" and planning that will make for a successful search. As you are putting together a resume, you may want to create a "master resume" that you will do that has too much information about you in it. You can then take that resume and trim it each time you give it so it is more customized and oriented to the specific job you are discussing.

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