Lose Opportunities in LinkedIn

By Chris Brogan

I’ll admit it. I’ve written about using LinkedIn effectively more than a few times. Very specifically, I’ve poked and poked about better LinkedIn usage. I’m writing this post because it further dawns on me that you might not be considering the ramifications of how you use your LinkedIn-to-Twitter connection. Because if I “hide” you, you’ll never get back in front of my eye.

So, if you’re using LinkedIn to put out the occasional business-minded status, I think people will watch them go by, even if a certain update doesn’t really apply to them. But if you frustrate someone with your Twitter cross-posts or your Foursquare updates, etc, you’re losing the chance, permanently, to influence people on this business network.

Take a look at the picture below. Some of the updates are great (especially after I hid 14 people). Others are going to convince me to hide them, too. And by “me,” you can see how active LinkedIn users will come to the same conclusion likely, right?

Is it worth losing opportunities to keep your Twitter tied to your LinkedIn, instead of using the selective #in tag?

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