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Your next career move doesn’t have to take you very far. In fact, you may not even need to leave the building.

Looking for your next role within your current organization can be a great option because it’s an environment that you’re already familiar with. The people around know the good work that you do and can support you as you move up or across the business. Position Ignition careers consultant Nisa Chitakasem explains that successful internal progression is about absorbing the information around you.

1. Look beyond your team

If you want to find a job within your current oganisation, it’s important to look beyond your team or department. Nisa: “As an existing employee you’re in a much stronger position than an outsider to find and land roles, so don’t restrict yourself to opportunities that originate close by. Consider what offices abroad can offer too – try and find out if they have been struggling to hire the right person or if they lack the expertise and talent you can bring”.

2. Read internal communications

You have access to information and people that external applicants won’t. If you’ve changed your browser homepage to Google, consider a reset: your company intranet is an indispensible tool for finding internal opportunities. Find time to read company emails and newsletters as these will tell you a great deal about individual staff members and their projects.

3. Attend meetings and presentations

It’s important you understand the strategy behind the business. “Get along to company presentations and meetings. When you’re there, talk to people and ask lots of questions. Try to understand the bigger business picture and identify potential areas of company development where you might be able to add value”. Meeting and presentations are also a great opportunity to promote yourself infront of senior colleagues in other departments: make sure they know who you are and what you can do.

4. Know what awards are being won

Is your company winning awards? Knowing about external achievements will help you identify areas of focus and development.

5. Read the press

News coverage is a great way to understand overall strategy and vision. If the areas mentioned are interesting to you, contact the people referenced in the press release; talk to them and find out if they have any openings for you.

6. Take an interest in product development

New services or products need teams to develop them – see if there are openings with those teams.

7. Watch where people go

Finally, observe who gets promoted and who leaves or is made redundant. “The movement of people is very revealing”, says Nisa. “Pay close attention to where they move to, either within the company or away from it. This should alert you to subtle shifts taking place in the business”.


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