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Your application and resume pleased the prospective employer and he has asked you to come in for an interview. You are confident that the interview will be a success except for one concern. What do you wear? You know from experience that first impressions are of the utmost importance. First impressions start with how a person looks. I have read somewhere that a first impression takes under thirty seconds to make.

What you wear to an interview is largely based on the position, the company’s preference, and your wardrobe. Dressing formally can give the impression of being rigid and uncomfortable if it is not what you are used to wearing. Dressing too casually can give the impression of laziness and that you really do not want the job.

Call or visit with an employee about the dress code and how strict the policy is. If it is not possible to get this information, then the best choice is business casual. Make sure the clothes are clean and ironed. Dress slacks and a button up shirt would be fine. Again, this would depend on the type of company it is. If you are applying at a lawyer’s office, you might consider wearing a suit and tie. Remember to use common sense. If you do not look good in green then do not wear green.

Always: – Be clean and tidy. Make sure your hair is appropriate for the position. – Many people are sensitive to scents so do not wear a perfume or cologne. Try to use unscented or lightly scented antiperspirant. People tend to sweat when they are nervous. – Cover as many tattoos as possible and remove facial piercings, including inside the mouth.

MEN: – Wear trousers with a button up shirt that has a collar. A sport jacket may also fit the bill. – Wear neutral colors such as tan, brown, or grey. – Even if you do not wear a sport jacket, you should wear a tie. – Black leather shoes are best. Cleaned and polished, of course. – Hands should be very clean with neatly trimmed nails. – Make sure your mouth is clean and breath is fresh.

WOMEN: – Wear a ladies business suit or a dress with a jacket. There is no need to show cleavage. – Wear neutral colors like tan, navy blue, grey, or burgundy. – Being stylish is okay but do not try to dress better than the position calls for. – Avoid tight revealing clothing, it shows disrespect for yourself and for those around you. – If painting your nails, stick to tasteful colors. If your kid sister likes the color then choose something else.

When choosing clothing, it is best to pick pieces that can be mixed and matched. This will give you more choices with fewer pieces. Once you have gotten the job you should gradually add appropriate clothing to your wardrobe. You would not want a promotion to pass you by because you did not look the part.

Searching for work is usually an overwhelming undertaking. With all the competition quantity usually needs to be coupled with quality to hit the goal. Take a look at Lowes employment for practical options as well as Lowes job application. Having sound information avoids wasting your time searching for what may work through having to look through what does not. Getting solid direction often will boost one’s chances of separating yourself from the competition.

The employment marketplace is always changing and the people who are able to change the quickest will be the people that get first pick in the greatest opportunities. Through the accessibility of information and the advancements in technology, searching for a job is not what it was.

By Timothy Mason. The rules have changed in a huge way and at the moment you have got to not only manage to deliver a total package of expertise and experience for the occupation but have got to also master supplementary expertise to even secure an job interview for the profession you want.

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