Distribute a Booklet

Do a booklet relevant to your industry with helpful information and give it away.  Everyone loves a freebie so give away something that demonstrates your expertise.  In my case, for example, I designed, wrote and distributed a free booklet on how to do a reference check correctly, called Don’t Hire a Liar. The booklet subtly points out the benefits of using a professional – like myself – to do their hiring.  The booklet hot-links to a supplemental software program for reference checking which my firm sells.  You could embed a hot link to your web site, resume or bio. 

Give the booklet away everywhere you can.

If you send a printed version to someone make sure you indicate where they can get extra copies for their colleagues. 

Ideally give a web site address people can pass on to others.

Advertise it on your web site and through those newsgroups frequented that hiring mangers in your target market and their recruiters frequent.

If you print your own business cards, put the URL for link to the booklet on the back.

A War Story

A methodical strategy paid off for this ExecuNet member who was very active in her local human resources groups. She contacted the national headquarters for the names of local chapter presidents, and mounted a campaign of contacting each one every two months. Her persistence paid off when she received an offer.

Compliments of Lauryn Franzoni, ExecuNet www.execunet.com

Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

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