When You Network, Use Your Ears, Then Shake Hands

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Image by NixieMichelle
I was sitting at a meeting the other day, when a gentleman started to ask a very long question. The woman sitting next to me had started a networking company, and about mid-way through his question, she leaned over and said, “You should be sure to introduce yourself to this guy - he’s passionate about the same things you are.”
The funny thing was, I had completely tuned him out because the question was so long. Meanwhile, she was listening and realized that he was passionate about my work, and that he might be a huge fan, supporter, or even asset to us some day.
It was a valuable lesson for me about one little thing (listening) that you can do to improve your networking skills.
What can you teach your employees about connecting with clients, co-workers, supervisors, or strangers that will improve your business?