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Remember : one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor” – Paul Simon

A friend of mine just got a job after a long search effort. Unfortunately, her new firm has a reputation as being not the best place to work if you are a human being. Somehow, she did not know this, but to the rest of her friends, we all thought this was common knowledge (apparently not). So how would you go about find out if a company is a good place to work or not? Much information is readily available via the web (like, is the company financially sound, do they have any workplace violations, etc.). Some information is subjective and may not be in print, but if you ask around you will get the answers you need to make your decision. Oh, and how does today’s quote fit in? Just remember that any opinion is just that, an opinion. Sometimes your vantage point has a lot to do with your view. Today’s post is the first in a series about leveraging your research resources in your job search.


  • Guide to Researching Companies, Industries, and Countries – Okay, you have your tools, where do you start? This article, also from, provides some great background and an amazing list of links to resources for your job research. You do want to balance the amount of time you spend on research with actually looking for a job (you could spend months just making your list), but this article should be your list of where to look and how to look for companies that interest you.
  • Fins from the Wall Street Journal – This  resource is from the Wall Street Journal and provides links to a number of company research resources. You should spend some time researching the companies you would like to work for prior to starting your search. Click on Research Sectors & Companies to find the industries and companies you would like to work for. Click Manage Your Career to get strategies on finding a job, get the job and excel at the job. Finally, click Find a Great Job to link to a powerful job search engine.
  • Job Search Research – Yes, research is the name of the game. This list of amazing advice is from The top of the site is organized by type of research (job market, salary, career, etc.) and is linked to the part of the page with the associated information. This site is jam packed with enough information to see you through your entire job search. In addition to all of the related links throughout the main page, there are additional links and resources on the right hand side of the page.
  • Careers and Industries – Don’t know where to begin? provides two lists:  Industry Profiles and Careers. The first provides background on trends, markets and the companies involved. The second list provides requirements for each career type as well as salary trends the the outlook for that particular career choice. Each item on the items links to a full page resource.
  • Company offers company and employer research on their site.  You can search by name, industry, state, country, number of employees, etc. (or any combination). There is basic information on each company on their list as well as the company’s website (which will have additional information).

Company Ratings:

  • – Not only can you rate your company, but you can map it too! The top half of the main page is a map of the world with pop ups of rated companies. The map is interactive and will expand/contract by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Below the map is a listing of Top Rated (left side), Worst Rated (center of the page and to the rate is a “Get Started” section.
  • -   This site also has reviews (by employees) of companies. The left hand side of the page has links to rate your company or to search for companies based on the first letter of their name. The middle of the page is divided between “I Love my Job” and “I hate my job” with a listing of the top companies for both. You can search by name or by City/State.

Good luck in your search.

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