The Best Way to Ensure Your Resume is Noticed by Executive Headhunters |

Compelling resumes guaranteed to give you an unfair advantage Executive headhunters are real people (Yes they really are!) and as such are subject to the same emotions as you and me! Therefore when submitting a CV or resume to them when applying for a new job, it is important to observe some dos and don’ts that apply to us all when reading this type of document.


- Use bad grammar - Make the document too long - Put too much emphasis on the early career - Use a photo ( Unless you have film start looks! ) - Eulogise about yourself e.g. a “strong and determined leader with a passion for leadership and team building”. They have read this type of statement a thousand times before and it cuts no ice with them at all. Better to put something along the lines of ” An experienced manager with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget ” and remember to put proof of this in your listed achievements. - List interests such as sky diving or bungee jumping. Such statements can make potential employers nervous.


- Spell check the document - Ensure it reads well - Check that the first page ” sells ” you. i.e. it has a profile of three to four lines that is in effect a ” pen portrait ” of you which enables the reader to quickly grasp your level of experience, competence and track record. Beneath that should be the Career History starting with your most recent employer. Put in the employer’s name, type and size of organisation and you level of responsibility. Then list several key achievements, quantifying where possible. - Provide enough information BUT make sure the document is not full of “techno-speak” that only someone in your industry would understand - Put Qualifications and Training courses attended on the back page.

Paying attention to these and other points will go a long way towards ensuring you are noticed by executive headhunters.

Peter Robson has over 20 years experience in the career guidance industry. he has worked with people from a variety of job backgrounds and industries. He works with people individually as well as project managing large outplacement assignments. His personal email address is and you can sign up for his free 5 day job hunting course at

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