Interview with a Successful Social Media Job Seeker

Interview with a Successful Social Media Job Seeker

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with Danny Cox who is helping to pioneer a new way of Job Seeking. I found Danny on Twitter because of his recent success in getting a great interview. Watch the video below to get some GREAT tips that you can use tonight.

Just to summarize the video:

Danny has only been using social media for his job search for just 2 months. And his parting words were, “I wish I had started sooner”. If you are holding off on starting this, then it’s time to jump right in. Danny, a senior in college, was able to get a killer job interview in 2 months without spending a penny. I argue that it should be even easier for a returning professional with more experience to bring to the table.

Here is Danny’s Twitter strategy:
  1. Tweet about potentially interesting topics to target companies. Let them know you are in the job market in your profile
  2. Use Twellow to identify people/companies in the location and field you are targeting
  3. Because your profile and tweets are interesting, they are more likely to follow you back
  4. Begin to tweet about specific companies you are targeting by name, asking for more info, letting them know you are searching
Companies search twitter to see what people are saying about them. By using their name, your messages get read.

Danny’s Twitter Profile has a link to his blog. You might have one to your LinkedIn profile or VisualCV. So that companies can get more information, including contact information.

Finally, Danny uses his blog to provide value to his readers, rather than using a blog as a place to emote. He learned a ton from Brazen Careerist, a great community to be involved if you are a job seeker looking to stand out of the crowd.