Speedy Replies to Recruiters: Catch the Best Jobs!

In todays market, speed of response is VERY IMPORTANT

Here is a transaction from earlier this week..

  10:14am - Recruiter sends job request email
  11:18am - Candidate Responds
  11:21am - Recruiter responds with details
  11:23am - Candidate say good, lets go
  11:25am - Recruiter provides rate
  11:27am - Candidate asks a questions
  11:29am - Recruiter confirms question
  12:36pm - Candidate agrees
  12:53pm - Recruiter says too late, all submission spots are filled.

In the job hunt world, things move fast. The quicker you answer a recruiter, the better chance you have of landing a great role.

Imagine this: You get a message from a recruiter who likes your stuff. You want to write a perfect reply, so you take some time. You pick the best words to show you're excited and qualified. But by the time you hit send (like 90 minutes later!), it's too late! Another person who answered fast got submitted instead.

Recruiters get tons of messages, and they need to fill roles quickly. When they reach out, they're not just saying hi, they want someone to recommend to the client. If you take too long to answer, they might think you're not interested or not sure. That means you might not get the contract.

Here's how to be a reply champion:

Ready-made answers: Write some quick replies ahead of time. This way, you can answer fast without sacrificing quality. Like having an interview outfit already picked out, and ready!

Be on the lookout: Check your messages and emails often, especially from recruiters. Treat every message like it's important. Even if you can't chat right away, a quick "Thanks for reaching out!" shows you're interested.

Quick replies are key: In the job world, timing is super important. By answering fast, you show you're professional and serious. It also helps you stand out from the crowd!

Remember, don't wait! Respond quickly to recruiters. It shows you're eager and might just land you your next contract. After all, your perfect role could be just a reply away!