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Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

Author Byline: Mary Gormandy White, M.A., SPHR
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Have you given any thought to what you’re going to do to occupy your time once you retire from your primary occupation? Many people look forward to having an opportunity to retire, only to realize that they were really much happier when they were gainfully employed. More and more, retirees are choosing to pursue new occupations following retirement.

There are many reasons why retirees choose to go back into the work force. Many miss the mental stimulation of work responsibilities and contacts. It isn’t unusual for retirees to spend a significant amount of traveling, golfing, and pursuing other hobbies only to find themselves bored and ready to go back to work. For some people, returning to work after retiring is a simple matter of financial necessity. Others may be able to support themselves on their retirement incomes, but miss having additional disposable income to use for travel and other extras.

Most retirees don’t want to return to the same highly stressful, full time occupations they left, but still find the idea of continuing to work during their retirement years to be very appealing. The good news is that the workplace is welcoming retirees back into the fold with open arms. As employers are facing the impact of retiring baby boomers on the labor pool, they are thrilled by the increasing numbers of skilled, mature workers who are ready to come back to work.

Progressive employers are restructuring positions so they meet the needs of retirees who want to return to work. In many cases, companies are offering retirees part-time hours, flexible scheduling, job sharing, and even home based job opportunities. Many companies provide computer training and on the job mentoring programs for retirees interested in mastering new lines of work. These accommodations make going back to work feasible and appealing to retirees who want to keep working, but not at the same pace as they did during their younger years.

There are many opportunities in the modern workplace for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of retirement and the rewards of continued employment at the same time. Going back to work after retiring offers an opportunity for retired individuals to apply what they know in a new occupation, as well as a chance to learn new skills.

Seeking a post-retirement career is a terrific opportunity to stay active and continue to earn money doing work that you enjoy while also maintaining a flexible schedule and the freedom to pursue other interests.

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Mary G. White, M.A., SPHR is the Training Coordinator for Mobile Technical Institute & MTI Business Solutions (http://www.mobiletechwebsite.com), where she specializes in human resources, management, and marketing training. She teaches open enrollment classes for MTI, provides on-site corporate training, and frequently speaks at conferences and association meetings. She is also the author of 101 Human Resource Management Tips and 101 Successful PR Campaign Tips in the LifeTips book series. MTI provides a variety of consulting services, including IT Training, certification testing, HR & PR consulting, custom database development, and website solutions. For free career and business development tips, see http://www.DailyCareerConnection.com and http://www.DailyBizSolutions.com.

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