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A couple of years ago, when the economy started rapidly going downhill, I remember hearing about a lot of layoffs in my area. At first, I would hear that a coworker’s husband got laid off, or a friend of a friend. Eventually, people in my own circle started fearing for their jobs, and some actually lost them. Now, I doubt that anyone in America doesn’t know at least one person who has lost their job in the last few years.

If you’re a job seeker, you have a whole lot of company. We say this all the time in this blog because it’s an important point. Our resume writing services, LinkedIn profile development, and job posting services are all designed to help you stand out in a crowded field of candidates. Unfortunately, having the right marketing materials is simply not enough. You have to get out there and sell your product—yourself!

I know people who have been looking for a job for a month and people who have been looking for a year. The people who have been looking for a month are often pretty casual about the process: they get their resume together, apply for a lot of jobs online, and sit back and wait to hear from employers. Conversely, the people who have been looking for a year have learned a lot about how to be successful. They know that sitting on the couch and applying for jobs online is not working out well for the majority of job seekers these days. Getting out and talking to people about their companies and how you might fit in there is the key to landing your next position.

“Networking” is a word that a lot of people hate, and I understand that. It’s important to realize that networking doesn’t have to just involve going to an official event and shaking lots of strangers’ hands. Every time you go to a cookout this summer, you have the opportunity to network. For all you know, the president of the company where you want to work will be there. Maybe the HR manager of a great local employer lives next door. Even if you’re not putting on your suit and going to scheduled networking events, you can sell yourself and your career to anyone who will listen. So get your resume and LinkedIn profile and business cards ready, apply for some interesting jobs online, and then get out of the house! Go meet the person who could connect you to your next job!


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