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Four weeks ago I wrote about resetting my online personal network back to zero.  I received some interesting, but supportive responses.

To recap what took place, by the numbers:

  • LinkedIn – removed 401 connections
  • Facebook – removed 306 friends
  • Twitter – unfollowed 486

People building a yurt togetherWhere I am at now, four weeks later, by the numbers:

  • LinkedIn – 120 connections
  • Facebook – 180 friends
  • Twitter – following 482

Is it a numbers game?

First off, a bit of a disclaimer for clarification: I do not in any way equate the number of your online followers or connections to a guaranteed breadth and depth of reach, however, for the purpose of this post had to focus on the numbers to show the change.

One of the first things I learned is the time value of a personal online network. It has taken me four weeks to build up nearly to have where I was, number wise, on LinkedIn and Facebook.

What truly matters in building an online personal network?

Your online personal network is worth more than gold.  It takes time to make good quality connections with those that can add value to your network.  I used to laugh at the term “build your tribe,” however, now know the value first hand.  To quote Seth Godin on the topic:

It starts with permission, the understanding that the real asset most organizations can build isn’t an amorphous brand but is in fact the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who want to get them.

It adds to that the fact that what people really want is the ability to connect to each other, not to companies. So the permission is used to build a tribe, to build people who want to hear from the company because it helps them connect, it helps them find each other, it gives them a story to tell and something to talk about

Where I am headed, and where you should be headed too

From now on I make a pledge to fully value my online personal network, and to protect it fiercely.  Reconnecting with those whom I had to hand pick out of thousands of contacts took time, but is well worth it. I will continue building back up, and connecting with and meeting new individuals and companies.

Starting from zero refreshed my perspective on what it truly means to build a strong personal brand and an associated network, online and off as well.

Question: What do you value about your personal network?

About the Author: An avid relationship marketer, Mark Mathson works with businesses to create dazzling social marketing campaigns.  He enjoys conversing on Twitter and growing and adding value to his network on LinkedIn.

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