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j0365161Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Like many of my posts, today's is about being the best. We've done "the best companies to work for" and numerous other "best" lists. As with most of these lists, much of being rated the best is subject to the person writing the list or the criteria used to "rank" the pool of participants. Likewise, much about being the best you can at any one thing is subject to opinion. What we can say about ourselves which can't be disputed is that we try the best we can, and that is the best we can do (no pun intended). So, as Ralph Waldo Emerson says, above -"Make the Best of Yourself".

With the year drawing to a close, I thought I would make my own "best" list. I did not use any specific criteria other than my own observations about those Job Search Sites which I feel add the most value for their "specialty". Since there are so many great sites out there, I will do this over several posts in the next few weeks. Again, no specific order to my list other than I think they add great value and will help you in your search, whatever that might be.

General Interest Job Advice - These sites offer a broad range of advice and have been my favorites for some time now.

  • JobMob - The site's motto - "All together now" says it all. The site is about bringing together job seekers with those who have the jobs. The site is filled with tips, events, books, articles and more. To get a feel for what you will experience, take a look at the post "The Best of JobMob in 2009", which provides links to articles on a broad range of job resource topics (way too many to list here). There are a number of ways you can stay connected to JobMob (email, RSS, Twitter, etc.). There are 4 tabs at the top right hand side of the page - Home (main page), Archive, About and Best Of. This site is in my top 10 and it should be in yours as well.
  • Spin Strategy - Another top 10 blog site for me, the articles are simply amazing. Left hand side of the page tells you what it's all about. There is a free E-Book ("30 Ideas. The Ideas of Successful Job Search."), numerous ways to follow, a link to the website (you must visit this) and a list of recent posts. Right hand side has the top 10 posts, categories and more. Okay, now to the website - - Tools, downloads and a link back to the blog. What more can I say, visit the site.
Job Search Resources - These sites are jam packed with topic specific resources that will help you jump start your search.
  • The Riley Guide - "Providing free career and employment information since February 1994." is the tag line for this site. Seeing is believing, and you really must visit this site. The left hand side of the page has everything you need to get to the part of the site that best serves your needs. "Navigating the Guide" provides a list of the major sections of the guide. The middle of the site has links to what's new, as well as the links that are on the left hand side of the page. This is then followed by a few comments on the site by career experts. This site contains an amazing number of resources.
  • - "Your Job Search Starts Here" is the tag line for this site. Tons of resources, with the main page jam packed with an amazing amount of information. At the top of the page are links that will guide you to where you need to go (Student, Job Seeker, Career Changer and more). Left side of the page is filled with a long list of links to resources (career toolkit, samples, resumes and so much more). Center page starts with a search bar for job search followed by tools. Right hand side of the page Hot Resources, Free Books and more. You can spend days here getting all of the information you need for your job search.
Lists of Job Search Resources - These sites provide lists of other job search sites and are a great resource for building your list of where to look next.
  • - "The Sources of Success" (can't get away from these tag lines!). A list that must be a mile long, you can browse alphabetically or by Industry/Area. There are job sites, search sites, company sites and more. If you search by Industry/Area, the list on the left hand side has the industries (as well as functional job categories) while the right hand side has the area (country, state, etc.). But that is not all, the top of the page has additional links for research, Tips and more.
  • General Job Listing Sites - This list is provided by and is another list that will help you make your list. Center page starts the list, which is diverse and not as long as the list mentioned above. However, there is quite a bit on this page as well, with the left hand side of the page listing a very long list of resources (like Getting Started, Career Resources and more).
Good luck in your search.

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