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Welcome to the first of many Top 5 This Weeks posts. I search the web daily to find articles to help folks find jobs. Here are my google reader stats for April: From your 96 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 5,683 items.

I’l bring the best to you each week. – @andywergedal

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Here are this weeks Top 5

1. Dressing For Success For the Job Interview – []

What you wear to an interview is largely based on the position, the company’s preference, and your wardrobe. Dressing formally can give the impression of being rigid and uncomfortable if it is not what you are used to wearing. Dressing too casually can give the impression of laziness and that you really do not want the job.

2. Top 10 Reasons to Have an Online Resume – []

Cost – The cost of postage keeps rising, and multiply that cost by the number of Cover Letters and Resumes you send out – it really adds up.

3. Lying on Resumes … Topic Never Gets Old – [Your Best Impression]

Err, yea… Don’t lie. It is amazing that we need to even need reminding.

4. Is This Simple Resume Mistake Costing You Interviews? – [Blue Sky Resumes]

The problem might not be your resume content – it might be your file format. Of the resumes we receive to review each day, 10-20% are not saved as Microsoft Word documents. This is job search suicide!

5. Two Questions Behind Every Job Interview – [What Would Dad Say]

What is really happening in the interview is actually quite simple. There are only two questions in the mind of the interviewer:

1. Do I like this candidate?2. How can this person impact my department, company– can he/she do the job?

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