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In the 21rst century, few would deny that this implicit contract between employer and employee is broken. Additionally, the paternalistic concept of an employer taking care of their workers is an anachronism, which harks back to the industrial age.

In many ways, an offer of employment is similar to a marriage proposal. In a marriage proposal or offer of employment, the parties are setting the foundation of a mutually beneficial, and cooperative relationship. Both at work and in a marriage, people experience an initial honeymoon phase, where everything is great. In some situations, this ends much sooner than desired! Ideally, the offer is proffered in good faith and is a long term offer. However, with rapid global, economic and technological changes, this may not be the case. In an ideal world, getting the terms and conditions of your marital assets or of your employment needs in writing, would not be necessary. The similarities don’t end there. The current divorce rate for Americans is high.

The average tenure rate for an American worker is under 4years. My guess is that the current recession in the USA has impacted both employment tenure statistics and divorce rates, in a negative manner.

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