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1. You are bored out of your mind

You can do your job fine and actually do it pretty well but the fact is that it just isn't interesting to you any more! There is no passion, no motivation, no inspiration in the role. Nothing new really happens and you could do it in your sleep. Perhaps it is time to move on?

2. Your boss or manager has no idea what you do

Too many times is this the case that a manager or boss has no clue what you or the other team members are actually doing or what you are capable of. You will have annual reviews in which you do not receive any decent feedback or recognition for the good work and achievements that you have done. Is your boss too busy doing their own thing to notice the great work you are doing? Do they actually care about you at all? Is this the sign of a good manager?

3. You have gone as high as you can go

Have you reached a ceiling at this company? Will it be another X (too many to wait) years before the next promotion? When you have reached a stand still it is completely understandable to be de-motivated. Without any goals within reach or forward movement there can seem to be little point in continuing. When we feel like we have reached a block career-wise, many of us try to make adjustments to clear the block – find new momentum, new opportunities, new drives and options to enable us to progress. If we do not – we can get frustrated, bored or even depressed.

4. There is no reason, meaning or point to it

Doing a job that your heart isn't in can be very unsatisfying. You might be the best person in the world at doing your job but if it isn't purposeful, meaning and aligned with what you are all about – it will feel pointless. By 'what you are all about' – I mean, what you are really passionate about, what you care about, what you value and what you will find rewarding and purposeful work-wise.

5. It stops you doing what you really want to

If you have chosen to do a job that you aren't really passionate about or interested in – there is most likely something else that you would rather be doing. This is probably something pretty different to your current role and because your current job is taking up all of your energy, effort and time – you have probably grown to resent it and hence 'hate your work'. Given that we spend so many hours of our lives 'working', if we don't enjoy our careers and we would rather be doing something completely different – we are going to feel very frustrated and annoyed at ourselves and or the world for it being this way! So – why not take control of your career and make the changes necessary to do what you actually want to do.

The above summarise just a few reasons why you may hate your job. There are of course several reasons why you may hate your job and each person will have their own distinct set of feelings and reasoning behind it. However, what you might like to take away from this is that if you are in a job that you greatly dislike – you don't need to put up with it! Yes – even in this recession – there are alternatives and better options that will work better for you if you are willing to invest the time, energy and effort in getting it. If you want the perfect or dream job handed to you on a plate then forget it. If you are willing to get clear about the type of job, industry, role that is right for you and that you would find rewarding – then you have every chance in making that career happen. It's what we do everyday with numerous individuals. The results are amazing!

Author: Nisa Chitakasem - Founder of Position Ignition - taking you to the next step in your career

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