100+ Salary Surveys, Databases and Calculators From Around the World in 2009

Original Post: 100+ Salary Surveys, Databases and Calculators From Around the World in 2009 [Jobmob]

Use this list of salary surveys and other resources to prepare yourself for job offer and salary negotiations.

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How to use this list

  • The list only includes sites that are credible or that explain where their numbers come from.

  • Compare results across multiple sites for best results. Salaries are always changing and many of these sites are based on employee-submitted information.

  • If you know of any other resources that aren’t in the list, please
    suggest them in the comments below.

What’s in this list?

  • Salary surveys - numbers come from reader surveys about their jobs.
  • Salary databases - readers contribute information about their jobs, sometimes in exchange for access to the rest of the database.
  • Salary reports - more general, a salary report can come alone or from a combination of salary surveys, government statistics, company disclosures, etc.
  • Salary or wage search - search on a profession and the results will show typical earnings.
  • Salary calculators or checkers, wage/worth estimators - you fill out a form of questions about your profession and the calculated result is an estimate of the salary you should be earning. If you’re employed, this a good way to judge how fair your pay is.
Global Directory of Salary Surveys

Flag of Australia

  1. Hays 2009 Salary Survey & Guides - salary guides for many industries
  2. LiveSalary - anonymous salary information database of user submissions.
  3. JobSpeed IT Salary Surveys
  4. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
  5. Olivier Group’s Finance and Accounting Salary Survey 2009 (pdf)
  6. Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors
  7. MyCareer salary surveys - by industry
  8. ARC salary and stipend rates for discovery and linkage for 2009 (pdf) - fellowships
  9. Robert Walters 2009 Australia Salary Survey (pdf) - all kinds of jobs
  10. Reed Specialist Recruitment’s Australia Salary and Labour Market Guide 2009 (pdf) - all kinds of jobs

Flag of CanadaCanada

  1. SalaryExpert Search
  2. Yahoo! HotJobs Salary
  3. Computerworld Canada’s 2009 Salary Calculator
  4. CTTAM 2009 Salary Survey (pdf) - all kinds of industries
  5. Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (pdf)
  6. APEGS - engineers
  7. Ontario Public Accounting (pdf)
  8. ASET (pdf) - science & engineering professionals
  9. UBC Engineering Co-op
  10. Professional Engineers and Engineers-in-Training (pdf)

Flag of IndiaIndia

  1. JobeeHive - research salaries, sometimes even by company
  2. MBA Salary Survey
  3. Electronics Industry (pdf)
  4. Payscale
  5. SalaryMap - all kinds of industries
  6. eLearning and Content Development Salaries in India

Flag of IrelandIreland

  1. Robert Walters 2009 Ireland Salary Survey (pdf)
  2. Premier Salary Survey 2009 - Finance, Legal, Office Support, Technical and IT
  3. Brightwater Salary Survey 2009 (pdf) - many industries
  4. HR Salary Survey 2009 (pdf)
  5. Leinster Society of Chartered Accountants Salary Survey 2009 (pdf)
  6. 2009 Salary Survey Restaurants/Hotels
  7. Insurance & Reinsurance-Salary Survey (pdf)
  8. Top People Salary Survey 2009 (pdf) - many industries
  9. Reed Specialist Recruitment’s Ireland Salary and Labour Market Guide 2009 (pdf)

Flag of Israel Israel

  1. Jacob Richman’s CJI Hitech Salary Survey 2009
  2. Techshoret Salary Surveys - writers of different kinds
  3. CPS’s Hitech Salary Surveys (Hebrew)
  4. Ethosia HR’s Salary Surveys (Hebrew) - very complete.
  5. Check Compare (Hebrew) - a mostly-Hebrew database of user-submitted salary information covering many industries.
  6. Maskorot (Hebrew) - another Hebrew database of submissions, but with some features such as the 50 Highest Salaries by Position.
  7. Jobsindex (Hebrew) - links to salary surveys
  8. Council for Higher Education (Hebrew) - average salaries of students post-graduation, per university or college
  9. Jobinfo (Hebrew) - find the salary for a job in a few clicks
  10. Hilan Tech Salary Calculator (Hebrew) - calculate your Net (after tax) salary as far back as 2000

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

  1. JobStreet Salary Report - numbers for many professions.
  2. 2008/2009 CUPA-HR Salary Surveys
  3. HR Business & Employee & Analytics & Trends (pdf)
  4. Average IT Industry Salaries in the Philippines for 2009
  5. Employed Persons by Industry, Occupation, Class of workers, and Hours Worked

Flag of SingaporeSingapore

  1. JobStreet Salary Report - numbers for many professions.
  2. Robert Walters 2009 Singapore Salary Survey (pdf)
  3. Ministry of Manpower Wage Search
  4. Reed Specialist Recruitment’s Singapore Salary and Labour Market Guide 2009 (pdf)
  5. Headhunters.com Salary Survey (pdf) -all kinds of jobs
  6. Comments on numbers for Singapore in Hays Salary Guides 2009
  7. Executive and Non-Executives report (pdf)
  8. JobsCentral Salary Calculator
  9. Ambition Market Trends & Salaries Reports

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

  1. Robert Walters 2009 South Africa Salary Survey (pdf)
  2. MyBroadband Jobs -all listing include a salary range
  3. Advertising Agencies Salary Survey 2009
  4. 2009 Civil Engineering Salary Survey
  5. Accountants Salary Survey 2009 (pdf)
  6. Mba.co.za Salary Survey - (MBAs)

Flag of United Kingdom

United Kingdom
  1. Reed.co.uk’s Salary Calculator
  2. uk:recruiter’s Free Salary Survey List
  3. ITJobsWatch tracking system - very nicely done, lets you track salary trends per position.
  4. Research, Science & Academic Job Salary Checker
  5. MSN Money UK’s Salary Centre
  6. CWJobs’ Salary Checker
  7. Robert Walters 2009 United Kingdom Salary Survey (pdf)
  8. GAAP Finance and Accountancy - links to other industry salary surveys
  9. Michael Page Consultancy - all kinds of salary surveys
  10. IT salary survey: hard first quarter for 2009
  11. ILEX Bournemouth & District Branch: 2009 Salary Survey (pdf)
  12. The 2009 UK Games Development Salary Survey
  13. Corporate Finance Salary Survey 2008/2009
  14. Reed Hospitality Salary Survey (pdf)
  15. Legal Accounts Salary Survey 2009 - South Regions
  16. Parity Salary Survey 2009-Permanent IT Jobs - (pdf)

Flag of United StatesUnited States

  1. Glassdoor - submit your own first to see the information that other users have anonymously submitted about their companies.
  2. Realrates - not very nice to look at, but has user-submitted information that is (somewhat) verified by moderators.
  3. JobSearchIntelligence - salary calculator
  4. jobnob - search and compare salaries across companies and professions
  5. SalaryExpert Search
  6. CareerOneStop - credible information from a government source.
  7. JobStar’s 300+ Salary Survey Results
  8. Indeed.com Salary Search
  9. ComputerJobs.com Salary Ticker
  10. Robert Walters 2009 United States Salary Survey (pdf)
  11. Salary.com Resources


  1. PayScale - mainly a salary checker, somewhat long-winded forms but very detailed results for almost every country.
  2. Hays Salary Guides 2009 for Asia
  3. Robert Half Global Salary Survey: Accounting, Finance & Banking
  4. National Statistical Agencies - per country, many of which have salary numbers in your local language.
  5. SalaryExpert (international version) - only one position at a time can be checked.
  6. SalaryScout - search or browse salaries from around the world, such as via their
    interactive World Salary Map.
  7. WageIndicator - these “salary checks” are supposed to confirm if your current salary is fair.
  8. Vault.com Salary Surveys - a lot of employee-submitted information categorized by industry. Time-consuming to look through and you can’t search the submissions.
  9. Robert Walters Global Salary Surveys for 2009 - in addition to the above countries are covered Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain and The Netherlands.
  10. Robert Half Finance Free Resources - a 2009 guide with “projected average starting salary ranges for accounting, finance and banking positions,” requires free signup.
  11. Salary Survey for Engineers - covers the United States, India, Canada, UAE, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Qatar, Germany, Nigeria, the Philippines and Egypt.
  12. 2009 Randstad Remuneration Survey - accountants in New Zealand