5 Typical Job Search Leaks

Leaky bucket problems Tim Tyrell-Smith wrote that there are 5 leaks in your job search strategy. You can find the original article here. Tim wrote this for [JobMob]

5 typical job search problems

Hole #1 leaks Time: Inefficient Strategy

If you wake up every morning, hop on the computer and search for jobs (via Monster or AllJobs) for hours, there’s a hole in your bucket.

You are losing valuable time every day.

Time that could be spent meeting with real people, completing informational interviews, and using Linkedin, Plaxo or Xing to find contacts at your target companies. Since you cannot and should not search for work 12 hours a day, focus your key search hours on the right efforts.

Hole #2 leaks Opportunity: Uninspired Elevator or Introductory Speech

So you stand up at the big networking event when it is your turn to speak in front of 50 other people, some of whom might be able to influence your job search.

You speak too softly, don’t make eye contact, don’t deliver a compelling message and forget to share your job search objectives. When will you be able to fix that one? You’ve just left a forgettable impression on 50 people.

Fix this leak by learning to speak with a powerful voice, find at least 10 people to reach with your eyes and work hard to develop a compelling story for your career. Be interesting.

Hole #3 leaks Credibility and Friendship: Ineffective and Self-Focused Networker

If you are uncomfortable meeting new people. If you stumble in conversations. If your focus in networking is to solve your own problems.

Leak, leak, leak.

Networking is about giving and getting. In that order. No matter your stage in job search. Even if just beginning, there is always someone worse off than you. Someone you can help. And, of course, word gets around. If you are a giver, you will get from others. If you are a taker… well, the leak will get worse.

Hole #4 leaks Interview Potential: Poor or Incomplete Marketing Materials

When your resume or CV is too long, unstructured or lacking measurable accomplishments, you give little option to a hiring manager or recruiter. You give them a reason to filter your candidacy to the “HOLD” or “NO” folder.

If you do not create a significant impact in two pages, you will miss out on phone interviews and you will be less likely to be invited into HQ.

Also, make sure you have materials prepared for all occasions. Going to an event where the search is performed more informally? Have a “one sheet” version of your resume and carry networking business cards that include your contact information, key strengths, a clear positioning statement and your specific job search objectives.

Hole #5 leaks Energy: Random Acts of Desperation

Sometimes in job search a little bit of frustration sneaks into your mind. Perhaps that interview that you thought went so well… didn’t. But you feel a need to reinforce your skills via a phone message, e-mail and a hand-delivered note in the hopes that the company will realize they made a mistake by not offering you the job.

Not only is this damaging to your psychology, it does not endear you to the hiring manager. If they want you, they will call.


Make sure you have lots of irons in the fire to prevent a hyper-focus on one position - even if you think it is your dream job.

Follow up

So now it’s time to inspect your bucket. Are you seeing any leaks?