Zero-Guilt Activities to Do When You Hit the Wall

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Written by Meryl Evans.


Whenever I feel like I'm battling to get writing done, and losing, I can hear my mom saying, "You're human, not a machine." She's right. We're all going to have days when we hit the wall and can't muster up energy to do our main jobs. And that's OK!

Instead of feeling guilty, I do other tasks that matter to my business but aren't my main job, tasks that don't require the same energy or "mood" as writing does. Whenever the writing muse decides to take a break without my permission, I can work on editing or reviewing tasks instead.

But even if I don't have any reviewing or editing lined up, there are some tasks that almost everyone can do, guilt-free, regardless of your career. Try one of these next time you hit the wall.

Do social networking: Hey, it is a marketing tool! Social networking is fun and maybe you'll dig up some new work opportunities or the motivation you need to return to your core duties. Twitter and LinkedIn count!

Reconcile bank accounts: It's administrative and dull, but most of us have to ensure our bank accounts balance.

Manage invoices: You do want to be paid, don't you? Make sure your invoices are up-to-date and paid.

Follow up with clients: It's OK to call or email clients just to see how they're doing. Contacting them without any motive can make your relationship stronger. Why not surprise them with a handwritten "thank you" note?

Read content related to your work: Here's one time where you don't have to feel guilty about Internet surfing. Hopefully, reading WebWorkerDaily helps you to learn something new and become a better web worker. Don't forget about books, newspapers and magazines. They all count. Well, maybe not People magazine, unless you're in the entertainment business.

Clean up email: A less cluttered email box equals a more organized mind.

Write a blog post: Even if you don't have a blog (why not set one up?), consider contributing a guest blog post to another blog that your prospective customers read.

Find a better way to do something: This could mean time and money savings. Are you not happy with your invoicing process? Research other options. Change is hard, but can pay dividends. I just got a new computer and don't look forward to switching over to it, but should mean a faster and more efficient system.

Exercise: While this doesn't directly contribute to your business, staying healthier ensures you have fewer sick days and doctor's visits.

What business-related activities do you do when you don't feel like doing core business tasks?