4 More Somewhat Interesting Ways to Earn Money Online

May. 6th, 2009 By Ann Smarty

earn money onlineInternet has turned into a great place to earn for a living. Some of the advantages it offers are: working from home, (partial) independence and freedom, plenty of various opportunities.

The best thing about making money online is that it is fun. You can do what you really enjoy and get paid for that!

So besides obvious making-money-from-your-website thing, what are other reliable ways to earn some extra cash?

(1) Get Paid for Reviewing Software

What kind of a geek are you if you don't love playing with new software? I am sure you do. Have you ever considered getting paid for that?

Software Judge

Software Judge is the most popular site that allows to be paid (up to $50 per review) for software reviews. The rules are as follows:

  • Review it as it is: the review shouldn't be positive; it should be constructive and honest;
  • Pick the software listed on the site;
  • No more than 3 reviews per day.

You get paid the following ways:

  • Digital freebies (e.g. free reg keys and free games);
  • Cash via Western Union (if you have at least $200 in your account);
  • Software exchange (if you have at least $20 you can exchange your money for any downloadable software listed on site).

(2) Get Paid for Bargain Hunting

Bargain hunting is fun and can save you a bunch of money. The key is to know how and when to track. It's nice that active bargain hunters can now be rewarded with cash (because many people can be grateful to them for a timely spotted deal).

Buxr is a user-generated coupon code and deal directory that rewards most active and active users with daily and monthly cash.


The rules are pretty simple: the deal that gets most votes from other users wins the contest. The daily prize is $10 and monthly prizes vary from $100 to $200. If you refer friends to join the site, you'll also get a prize:

The top 3 memberswho refer at least 5 'Good Members' will be awarded. The first, the second and the the third place prize is $50.

(3) Get Paid for Consulting Others

Do you consider yourself an expert in anything? Do you think your advice may be useful? Let people pay you for it!


Ether.com offers you to get paid for your expert advice. I can't say the site is too active and you will get hundreds of phone calls but you can try it.

Here's how it works:

  • Get your free Ether phone number;
  • Set your rate per hour;
  • Get pre-paid phone calls.

The site also offers "Call me" buttons for your website or blog as well as some advice on how to market yourself to get more calls. It also enables you to sell digital products via email and "Buy" button on the website.

(4) Get Paid for Reviewing Products and Completing Offers

Getting paid for reviews has double benefit: cash and the product itself you are reviewing. Here are some well-trusted sites that allow you to earn money by reviewing products (there are more of course, so if you personally tried and liked another one, please share):

gangster greed

Are you aware of more fun legit ways to earn money online? Share them in the comments!

Oh and those of you who are still in college should also check out our Ryan's article om best websites for teens to earn money online.

Note: Internet is full of scams. If you come across any site that offers to pay you in cash, make sure to do at least some research: check scam forum and just Google it.

Disclaimer: I didn't personally try all the sites listed above but I took time to research reviews by others before listing them here.

image credit: AMagil