Do You Want A New Direction (Follow My Example)

If you want a new direction, you need to embrace change and be willing to listen to your critics/readers.

Here is my story,

It was pointed out to me that just reposting other people blogs has little value. Having a blog that is only re-posting other people content is the same as being a contemporary news channel. It only works if you are constantly on the edge of what is happening right now. The value is in delivering information (news) as it happens. It is a never ending cycle that cannot be changed. In essence it is just a different job.

My readers were more interested in what I have to say. I submitted a few posts that I had written and they commented how nice it was to "hear" my thoughts.

Well that came as a bit of a shock to me. No, really. I mean I'm not one who is at a loss for words (duh) and usually have an opinion about most any topic. But, the idea that they wanted to hear my thoughts was surprising.

So, in light of this new request, I will be writing my own thoughts and posting them. I promise to do a few things...

I will:

  • write my thoughts unashamedly
  • write clearly (as I can)
  • speak to one topic at a time
  • change my mind often
  • take both sides of an argument
  • argue on behalf of someone I despise
  • be respectful of every opinion but not agree with them
  • offend some
  • engage others
  • get out everything that I want to say
  • and hopefully start some interesting conversations.
  • Respectful yes, accommodating yes, tolerant no.

Constant Excellence is viewed by the world as mediocrity, so I expect to mess up constantly.

I have also changed my other blogs as well. You can find interesting things to read at the following blogs. I will be generating my own content. 

  • - A site dedicated to helping people find jobs 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year. @40x50
  • - Ok, so you have found a job/career/business now what are you going to do? @LargerView
  • - Weekly encouragement for Christian job seekers. @E4_You
  • - Weekly encouragement for people who work in ministries. @The_E_Project
  • - posting of every job request that is sent to me. Mostly technical project management jobs or related to that industry @andywergedal, @andywergedalNWZ
  • - quarterly update on my professional life. designed to keep my name in front of my potential clients. @andywergedal

I will still re-post links for a couple of topics but my days of copy and paste other peoples stuff are done.

  • - links to job search and ipad articles
  • - ipad news and apps (links and youtube videos)

You can still find my huge volume of links and reposts on twitter stream at the following locations.

  • @andywergedal My personal account and twitter lifestream (most things end up here)
  • @andywergedalNWZ Just News and Links (everything ends up here)
  • @40x50 Posts about getting a job from a Christian perspective
  • @LargerView Posts about a LVFL
  • @E4_You Posts from Encouragement For You blog
  • @The_E_Project Posts from The Encouragement Project blog
  • @sideswipad Posts about iPad

That is all for now. Feel free to join twitter and follow all these accounts to get all the latest news and encouragement.

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