Stay On The Train And Enjoy The Journey

Why Change?
Change is a necessary part of life.

Our hair grows, our skin grows and is replaced, our fingernails grow out and need to be cut. The weather changes and most people will change jobs 7-10 times in their working lives. Change is a necessary and fruitful part of our lives.

So why do we think that everything else in our life will stay static?

How often have you heard someone say, "now that ___ has happened, I can really start to focus on my _____" (job, hobby, losing weight, etc)? And it never happens.

Here is a story...

A young man gets on a train as his life starts and he is convinced that one day he will arrive at the last station where he will get off and enjoy the good life. So he watches the stations go by and go by and go by. Pretty soon he realizes that the train slows down but never stops. It just keeps on going. Once he saw a really nice station and thought about getting off the train, but the train sped up and went faster than normal through that station. The young man turned old and never got off the train, disappointed that he never arrived at his perfect station.

Does this reflect your life, your job search, your career?

Then you need to know the secret of the train. The journey is the important thing, not the stations. You only get off the train in order to die.

Change your seat, change the view, change your conversations but stay on the train and embrace the journey.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal