Personal Branding with an inner monologue (Thoughts from one point of view)

No Inner monolog, a different way to reflect on your Personal Branding journey.

When thinking about Personal Branding, your objective is for people to know of you and feel like they know you. The advice on this site is limited to those who have an inner monologue

Shockingly, up to 50% of people have no inner monologue. They remember and process information differently than those who have an inner monologue. And, they are just as shocked to learn some people have an inner monologue.

If you are late to the knowledge of this understanding, you are not alone. I only read about this in the last few days. This took me down a rabbit hole of articles and videos explaining this phenomenon.  I have an inner monologue, both voice and pictures. It is like I have a narrated movie in my mind most of the time. 

Ironically, there are two camps, with and without an inner monologue. Neither camp was aware of the other and both are befuddled in trying to comprehend the opposite of their personal experience. I suspect that 90% of people in the world are not aware that 50% of their family and human interaction may not think or process the world the way they do.

So, how would you go about your personal branding journey without an inner voice to use to reflect on your actions.

I do not know.

I have an inner voice-over monolog. Like a movie being narrated in real time while I am involved with day to day activities. I use this voice to analyze my actions. It happens automatically, it is unstoppable and it continues to speak no matter what I do. It is especially active in solving an issue, when I try to sleep.

Personal branding is putting yourself and your thoughts out there for people to read and for them to respond. It is to build trust in others. Here are things I use to connect with others...

- I try to imagine what other people think is interesting and try to accommodate a different perspective.
- I use my inner monologue to review what is the most likely outcome of the audience reading/listening to my thoughts.
- If it is good, I continue, If not I don't continue. 

Everything on this site is from the inner monologue perspective. I had not considered a different way to organize and process information. Again, it was shocking to know that brain usage could be vastly different in other people. It is possible that 50% of the population has no inner monologue and 50% do. 

If you have no inner monologue, please provide your thoughts. I would love your perspective. 

I am blind to your way of thinking. I have no context to hear that perspective, because my life experience is with an inner monologue.

Send me an email at discussing this in a podcast or interview would be fascinating. 


Here are some other article links to get you started in figuring out the population that is not like you.,visualization%20to%20process%20their%20thoughts.