How I Got a New Job in 24 Days in 2024 - Medium Article


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186 LinkedIn connections, 19 referrals, 21 jobs applied, and 1 offer

I have been with the current company for about 2.5 years as a product manager and I was highly satisfied with the experiences and career growth I was able to have. I had 4 pay raises and one promotion during my time.

However, like I always do, I applied to new roles every year to test the job market and see what opportunities were out there.

I started my job searching journey in Jan 2, 2024 and my strategy was to only apply with referrals. During the process, I sent 186 LinkedIn connection invites, got 19 referrals, and applied to 21 jobs.

Market conditions

January is never a great time to look for jobs because most hiring managers and recruiters are coming back from vacations. Companies might have new headcount plans or changes in strategies for the new year. January is a month of ramping up to work and finalizing job postings. Also, given the unstable tech market, there seemed to be an influx of available workers which increases competitions. In addition, there is still a lot of new grads who were looking for jobs for months. If the candidate’s experience was not a near perfect match for the role, there was no interview callback. But I still wanted to go ahead through this journey. 

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