Top 3"Brand Yourself" Podcasts

Top 3 Podcasts About Creating Your Brand:

**Built to Brand by Amy Porterfield:

Built to Brand podcast cover art

Hosted by marketing expert Amy Porterfield, Built to Brand offers actionable strategies and tactics for entrepreneurs and personal brands. She dives deep into various branding topics like niche selection, audience research, content creation, and marketing automation. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your existing brand, Porterfield's insights and interviews with successful entrepreneurs are sure to be valuable.

**Branding Yourself by Erik Qualman:

Branding Yourself podcast cover art

Branding Yourself is hosted by social media expert Erik Qualman, who focuses on helping individuals and businesses leverage the power of personal branding in the digital age. He explores topics like building a strong online presence, storytelling, and thought leadership. Qualman's engaging interview style and insightful discussions make this podcast a great choice for anyone looking to build a recognizable and influential brand.

**Youpreneur by Chris Ducker:

Youpreneur podcast cover art

Youpreneur is hosted by marketing strategist Chris Ducker, who provides practical advice and inspiration for solopreneurs and creative businesses. He covers topics like finding your niche, building an audience, selling your products or services, and growing a profitable business. Ducker's upbeat and encouraging approach makes this podcast a great resource for anyone looking to build a successful brand and business around their expertise or passion.


**On Brand with Nick Westergaard: This podcast explores branding from a variety of perspectives, featuring interviews with CEOs, marketers, and other branding experts. Host Nick Westergaard delves into topics like brand strategy, storytelling, and design, providing valuable insights for building a strong and memorable brand.

Remember, the best podcast for you will depend on your specific needs and interests. Consider exploring different shows and episodes to find the ones that resonate most with you and help you achieve your branding goals.