It’s Ok to Copy Success


One of my first business mentors said, “if you want what I have, do, what I do.”
It was my first real understanding that it’s OK to copy. It’s OK to emulate replicate duplicate other peoples work. 

It’s not just OK it’s the best way   

This was a shock to me coming from a family of academics. My mother graduated early from high school and graduated from college. Both my parents were educators at one point and my entire family of first generation immigrants, believe school and education was the key to success.  My aunts and uncles were academic valedictorians with advanced degrees. 

In school, we were taught to learn and assimilate information, but never produce results other than your own ... 

This is why most education is BS. It teaches you how to follow rules and trains you to become a highly skilled taxpaying employee.  That is a wonderful formula for creating a society of workers. 

Find someone who has what you desire. Find out what they do and copy it. It is the best way to succeed.