Writer's Block: Starting a Career in Writing in 2020


"2020 is off to a tumultuous start for everybody, and those hoping to start a career during the COVID-19 lockdown period couldn't have arrived at such a life-altering period at a worse time. The entire workforce, the entire job market, is shrouded in uncertainty – for those hoping to enter it for the first time, it might seem entirely inaccessible. If you’re looking to begin a career in writing, you’d probably be feeling more than enough uncertainty starting a career under “normal” circumstances. But under the conditions 2020 has introduced, it’s hard to see any path forward – opportunities are few, scattered, and indistinct. I began my career last year, after graduating in English from Pomona College. Nearly everyone I know who entered the writing world with me approached their next step with different goals in mind, different priorities, different tradeoffs. Here’s the advice we can give for 2020."

Peter Davis