How to Actually Apply for a Job Right Now

“How do I get a job?” Six one-syllable words, laden with so much frustration, hope, fear, excitement and potential for existential despair. And that was before 2020 lobbed a grenade into all of our plans. Whether you’re a new grad—or just newly laid off—lining up your next gig is a daunting (and time-consuming) task and, with great respect to our Grade 10 career studies teacher, nobody really prepared us for. (But we do know our Meyers-Briggs type so…)

That’s why we’ve assembled a trio of professional job-getters, armed with tips, tricks—and even a few hacks—to keep you from falling into the Job Board Pit of Despair. Start planning your first day outfits, friends: We’re going to get you a job—even in This Economy!

Sarah Laing