41 Unusual Career Tips From a Recruiter

41 Unusual Career Tips From a Recruiter:


Love these tips, although I do not agree with everything, you can make your own decisions. They will make you think.

Here are a few of my favorites ...

14. Leave When You Have To
Most people don’t learn this until late in their careers, but you must leave jobs to continue to grow and earn more.

20. Move Jobs Every 18-24 Months
We don’t live in the same world as our parents did. Two years at a job is, for us, equivalent to 20 years at a job for them.

Think strategically about your company’s competitors that may want to hire you. What company would you love to work for? Send a cold email, find out what the organization needs, and see what lines up for you.

21. Spend Time With Your Bosses
The problem with networking is people do it wrong and with the wrong people. I don’t like the term “networking” because it suggests happy hours where you pass business cards around and leave without building relationships. A week later, a sales guy contacts you about buying his product.

Spend time with your customers. Better yet, spend time with your bosses and future bosses. Invite them to work out with you or to a social event that matches their interests.

22. Never Eat Alone
It may be common for people to eat their lunch in front of their computers, alone. Don’t do it. Invite someone to have lunch with you in the break room. Get to know the people you work with. Invite new people to join you for lunch. Be the person who gets people together. Be the person who makes work fun."