Smooth Advice for your Job Search

via How You Doin - Smooth Advice for your Job Search : Linkedin by Jaysa Toet

This got me thinking about some of the ties between relationships and recruitment. Neither is an exact science but fit is definitely critical. Now I’m no Miss Lonelyhearts, but here is how your dating smarts can help you remember some key tips for recruiting as a hiring manager or searching for work as a candidate:
  • How YOU Doin’? Whether you’re out on the town and some “smooth” talker lays a ridiculous pick-up line on you or you’re sitting on LinkedIn and a salesy recruiter sends a canned message, neither feels particularly excellent. You may be flattered for a second but the yuck factor quickly creeps in. Sincerity is key! A genuine compliment is much better received just like a sincere & personalized LinkedIn message with context.