When You Can’t Get Anything Done… Do One Thing. | Time Management Ninja

Sometimes you don’t feel like doing anything.

When you find yourself not in the zone… what do you do?

How do you get things done when you don’t feel like doing anything?

Not Getting Anything Done

The other night I found myself unable to get anything done.

I was tired. Energy levels were low.

My mind just wanted to shut down for the day.

Yet, I had 2 hours of free time on my hands and a todo list a mile long.

I was having trouble getting motivated to do anything.

“When you least ‘want’ to do something, is often when you most ‘need’ to take action.”

Determined to get something done… (anything really)…  I picked up one small task.

I figured if I couldn’t get anything else done, I would do just this one task.

Just One Task

I forced myself into doing that one task.

It was a low effort task. It could be done in a few minutes.

It involved scanning a 1-page receipt and emailing it to a colleague.

Within a few minutes it was done. Scanned, emailed, and finished.

It felt good to cross even one item off my todo list.

Glancing at my list, I soon found a few other items that I was interested in addressing.

I was soon doing some related tasks. An expense report. Answering several emails. And more.

You could say that once I got myself in motion, I stayed in motion.

One Thing Done, What’s Next? 

When you find yourself unable to get anything done, try focusing on getting just one thing done.

Sometimes you can’t get it all done, but you can get one thing done.

One-at-a-time. That is how progress is made.

Question: What one thing can you get done today?