Move The Rock


Thanks Kyle from the message at Adventure Church this Sunday.

There was an farmer who was old and tired, feeling like he was no good and just wanted to give up.

God shows up one day, puts a rock in the front yard and tells the farmer move the rock. Then disappears.

The farmer spends weeks and months but the rock would not budge. at first he tried to push it, pull it, dig under it but it would not move. He went to bed thinking about how to move the rock. He tried his tractors, trucks, levers... He researched moving heavy things, he rigged up a block and tackle pulley system attached it to his truck. Yet nothing the rock would not budge.

One day God shows up and enquires about the progress. The farmer dejectedly tells God that he has not been able to move the rock at all, not even one inch.

God tells the farmer to go clean up and we will talk about it.

The farmer reluctantly goes into the house and washes up, changes his clothes and when he looks into the mirror at himself he sees a renewed man full of vigor, passion and strength. He has sloughed off the old man and a new man has emerged.

Sometimes we men need a challenge, sometimes we need encouragement, and sometimes we just need a crazy idea to move a rock.

The most important lesson in this story is that the man took the challenge and never gave up.

Don't you give up. There are people praying for you. There are people behind you. You are not alone.

God is always with you.Don'

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