How has the iPad changed the way you use a computer?

image By Yagan Kiely

For me, the iPad is a paradigm shift in consuming information, especially from the internet.

I have easily replaced most of my information consuming functions with an iPad and left my laptop to do more of the creation/editing functions.

I use MultiG to manage email (and docs) from multiple domains, reeder to view my 300+ RSS feeds and I love the larger format of games. Besides the expanded view of iPhone apps is a huge benefit to us over 40 folks, who are relying on reading glasses. I have multiple apps and seem to use the iphone ones more often, because of the expanded font size, eliminating my need to grab the reading glasses.

Holding the iPad and opening a browser, makes me feel like I am holding the internet, or at least the coolest encyclopedia ever.

On the other hand, my laptop has been relegated to editing and creating videos and updating blog posts. The later because I like to include pictures with my posts and the iPad/iPhone apps are not that great at finding, inserting and formatting pictures along with text.

But, other than that, I could lose my laptop and be bummed, but if I lost my iPad, I would go out and get another one that same day.

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