Land of the Free

Land of the Free.

Are we? Yes we are.

Where else in the world can you stand on the street corner and complain about the government or the president? Where you can be a Red Sox fan and live in New York? Where you can be a Raider hater? Where you can refuse to eat your vegetables? Where you can replace the entire government in a non-confrontational, non-violent way?

If you lose your job, you can start a new company. If you do not like your boss you can quit. If you disagree with the lawmakers, you can protest or vote them out. Arranged marriages are not the custom in America. Most Americans do not like being told what to do. They want the freedom to make their own horrible mistakes, whether that is in business, education or love.

However, Freedom costs. It costs a price in blood and in action. Thousands young men and women sacrificed their lives for our freedom in the last few hundred years. It costs, in the risk associated with starting a new business or an investment. Freedom give you the ability to choose what to watch on TV or at the movies. Freedom even allows me to dislike a sports team.

I have lived in countries where the citizens are not free to speak as we can. They may use the words of liberty and freedom, but they are hollow in their mouths. Their freedom is counterfeit. It is a false representation of true freedom. They cannot know true freedom because they are being fed lies and are not allowed to disagree. If you cannot disagree with authority, eventually you will believe everything that the government says. For example, is there really a huge threat to China from Mongolia and the Dali-Lama? Is everything that Kim Jong-il says, true? Is Fidel Castro finally backing off communism? I do not know but if the citizens of those countries are not allowed to disagree and check it out for themselves they are not free.

True freedom comes at a price few are willing to pay, individually. Collectively they may be willing but reluctant. No one wants to die for no good reason.

I may not agree with the current American administration, but I will be the first in line to support them as they choose a path they think is right for this country. I voice my opinion with a vote. If they win again, I will support them as I have done these last two years. This is freedom and it is my duty to support freedom in every form.

We are free. Freedom is worth it. Never let the flame of freedom go out.

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