Why It Is Hard To Get Excited About Positive Jobs Forecasts and News | JibberJobber Blog

I have a hard time getting excited about all the jobs “created”… I already ranted about the fake census jobs.

Here’s another example.  From my local news station, in their article Where the Jobs Are, Part 2:

Goldman Sachs & Co. is in the middle of a dramatic expansion in the Salt Lake City market. Two years ago, Goldman boasted 350 employees locally. By the end of the year there will be more than 1,150.

That’s great news, right?  A mid-sized city like Salt Lake getting about 800 new jobs?  HOW EXCITING!

And my heavens, these are jobs at Goldman Sachs!!!  How freaking awesome.

I’m going to put my resume in right away.  They have saved my family (hallelujah!), they have saved our town (hallelujah!)… unemployment in Salt Lake is going to shoot way down (hallelujah!)!

But waaaaaait…..

What I’m hearing (and maybe I’m wrong) is that most, the grand majority, of these new jobs are (wait for it….) ENTRY LEVEL.

Now I’m not here to bash on entry level jobs…. but how come no one is saying that none of these jobs will actually be enough to pay a mortgage and my utilities and other bills associated with my family?

Tell me about job creation at the $60k-and-up level and then we’re talking.

I have a hard time getting excited about lots of jobs at $13 or $16 or even $22 an hour range… the jobs we’ve lost are in higher than that.  That’s the income we need to “replace.”

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