What Kind of Cover Letter for Returning to Former Employer? - The Career Doctor Blog

Gloria writes:

I’d be appreciative if you can give me some advice on how to write an email to former employer to ask for a job.

I supported 2 managers in a company. One hated me; the other one liked me, (“hated” had more power). Now “hated” is no longer with the company, and I’d like send an email to ask the “liked” one to see if there is any opening that match my skill set.

I have no idea how to start. Should i go for cold-calling style even though I know the manager? i don’t know what position is open…

Any advice is appreciated.

The Career Doctor responds:

Yes, I would go with basically a cold-contact format, but do address it to the manager who liked you, and acknowledge your relationship in the first paragraph. You could say something like:

“Since I so enjoyed working for you during my time there, I’m writing to inquire about returning to the company.”

The formality of the rest of the letter would depend on the formality of your relationship with this manager.

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